Trusted Employer Verification

CSG’s employer  verification system is aligned with corporate fair hiring practices like those adopted by Hilton, Starwood Hotels & Resorts and other leading hospitality companies committed to business excellence.

CSG’s comprehensive employer verification program consists of social security number verification, checking employment references, criminal background check, drug screening and a personal integrity analysis interview. Additionally, our HR Department will require each applicant to complete a detailed application, I-9, W-2 and other required governmental forms.

Background checks on potential employees are an essential step for the professional human resources department of any temporary labor provider. A background check will weed out applicants that have made false statements on their resumes or applications and help protect corporate reputations from employee fraud.

The HR and background components of a cleaning contractor evaluation are just two important factors that should be in your evaluation process.

Labor law experts maintain that companies must assess immigration and labor compliance in the new “climate” of enforcement. The sophisticated buyer of contracted custodial services will set up audit procedures to assure cleaning contractor compliance.

Labor Laws White Paper

Client management must concentrate on core business functions for profit. Illegal-hiring practices avoid important labor laws resulting in poor customer service, lost revenue in fines and reputation damage. Companies can avoid being associated with underground-economy practices by implementing labor law audits or by hiring a company with trusted verification practices.

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