Safety Excellence!

Safety Excellence! is a priority of every company function. A safe working environment for our employees and customers is absolutely critical to our mission. The many safety initiatives we undertake symbolizes CSG’s commitment to Safety Excellence!

Our Safety Committee Mission Statement

CSG will create a culture of safety. We will instill in every employee from that first day of employment that Safety Excellence! is a core value of Contract Services Group.

Our mission is to raise the bar of our occupational health and safety program to where Contract Services Group will be one of the elite few who have world-class safety. While we are creating this environment, we understand that the job is never done, that it will require hard work and a continuing willingness to make the small incremental improvements that signal a dedication to world-class safety.

CSG’s Safety Committee meets monthly. This committee directs all safety initiatives for the organization. This committee has become the driving force of Safety Excellence! CSG’s management team believes that all accidents are preventable and that being 100% safe is an attainable goal.

Over the years we have found that safety both supports and enhances many of our other programs, such as continuous improvement and quality control.

Any undertaking on behalf of our clients always focuses on employee and structural safety. The cost of either ignoring a problem or thinking it insignificant can have massive long term implications. In addition, the regulatory problems and potential penalties can hamper business operations for years to come not to mention the damage to the corporate name and reputation.

At Contract Services Group we value your name and business as if it were our own. We simply cannot overlook safety issues; therefore we have industry-leading initiatives in place that empower our employees to bring any matter up for attention and correction if necessary. This program has proven instrumental in encouraging employees to set the bar higher and to never overlook the smallest detail.

At CSG every employee has the authority to shut down any company operation they deem to be unsafe.

CSG also recognizes that safety plays an integral role in a company’s community relations. Many times a facility is linked closely with the local community where it is located. Cities take pride in successful business within their limits and frequently locals are employed there. The understanding that safety impacts more than just day-to-day operations and often is closely linked with the communities, in which they operate, is what CSG is all about.

Continuous Service

Contract Services Group, Inc. (CSG) is a recognized leader in the building-services industry.

35+ years

Professional Organizations


CSG is always looking for bright, committed and service oriented individuals.

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