Green Cleaning

Many of our competitors believe that a Green Cleaning Program consists solely of replacing conventional cleaning products with the “Green” label. At CSG we understand that any Green initiative is so much more than simply replacing one product for another.

Green initiatives naturally should incorporate environmentally safe products but there is much more to having a Green Cleaning Program.

This statement appears in the CSG Employee Handbook.  CSG encourages all its employees to always Think Green! & Clean Green! It is the position of CSG that we not only cooperate with all Local, State and Federal government agencies environmental efforts we attempt to exceed them. Your cooperation is needed in conserving our natural resources so we may live and enjoy a better quality life and leave a better planet to future generations. All suggestions about environmental issues are encouraged and are recognized.

Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED)

Contract Services Group made the commitment to providing green cleaning programs to its clients. CSG is a proud service partner of high-profile facilities that are LEED certified. CSG has systems in place that are a value component in these buildings achieving their US Green Building Council LEED certification.

CSG’S Think Green! Clean Green!

The chemicals, equipment and cleaning procedures CSG utilizes are a significant value component for a truly Green Cleaning Program. 

Contract Services Group’s Think Green! Clean Green! program is designed to create a healthier building environment for a building’s users. Through the use of Green Seal and Designed for Environment (DFE) chemicals, and approved cleaning equipment and tools, we are improving indoor air quality and also contributing to source reduction.  Custodial job assignments, cleaning specifications and procedures are structured with health and safety of the building’s custodians and occupants as its primary goal.

The success of green cleaning is a continuous process improvement. It starts with the custodians buying into the process by providing them with cleaning materials designed for their safety.   The cleaning schedules and procedures are the next step in achieving the green goal.
Scheduled training/education of the custodial staff is a mandatory requirement of Contract Services Group’s Think Green! Clean Green! program.

The CSG Commitment

Utilize only environmentally sound cleaning and maintenance programs.
Promote water and energy conservation in its choice of cleaning equipment and systems.
Reduce waste and consumption of non-renewable resources.
Promote and participate in recycling programs.
Continuously be an advocate for greener, healthier, and more sustainable cleaning.

Is it Really Green?

CSG has created the Is it Really Green? infographic to help the average consumer avoid cleaning products that are guilty of “greenwashing.” The information graphic gives an accurate display of how products greenwash and how to choose cleaning products are truly green and environmentally friendly.

Continuous Service

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