Why CSG?

Why CSG?
  • Safety Excellence!

    Safety Excellence! is a priority of every company function. A safe working environment for our employees and customers is absolutely critical to our mission. The many safety initiatives we undertake symbolizes CSG’s commitment to Safety Excellence!
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  • CIMS Certified Janitorial Contractor

    CIMS Certified - GB with HonorsCSG has earned the CIMS Green Building Certification with Honors. This additional distinction illustrates our commitment to delivering green and sustainable cleaning programs, which are vitally important to all companies today. Call CSG for more information about CIMS janitorial contractor services.
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  • Green Cleaning

    Many of our competitors believe that a Green Cleaning Program consists solely of replacing conventional cleaning products with the “Green” label. At CSG we understand that any Green initiative is so much more than simply replacing one product for another.
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  • Quality Control

    Quality control is an integral part of CSG’s values. Our experience has shown us that attention to quality not only matters to customer satisfaction but also is a reflection of our client’s commitment to superior service.
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  • Cost Saving Initiatives

    Contract Services Group has pioneered the art of working closely with our customers to identify areas where costs can be controlled and reduced. This program is part of our continuous improvement philosophy and dovetails with our daily inspection and Action Alert notice programs.
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  • Trusted Employer Verification

    CSG’s employer  verification system is aligned with corporate fair hiring practices like those adopted by Hilton, Starwood Hotels & Resorts and other leading hospitality companies committed to business excellence.
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  • Licenses and Affiliations

    Contract Services Group has an extensive list of both license and professional affiliations that contributes to both our core competencies as well as our training programs. Licenses and Certifications play an essential role in the scope of coverage that we can offer our clients.

    • California Contractors License #889625
    • Cal-OSHA SIT License #27

Quality Control

Strict guidelines for better health, safety, and appearance.

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Continuous Service

Contract Services Group, Inc. (CSG) is a recognized leader in the building-services industry.

35+ years

Professional Organizations


CSG is always looking for bright, committed and service oriented individuals.

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