Window Washing Systems

Window washing suspended scaffold system

CSG specializes in the design, fabrication and installation of window washing systems. Our experienced team and in-house design and manufacturing, combined with our strategic partnerships with leading manufacturers gives us the necessary resources to solve any access problem you might face.

CSG’s Custom Window Washing Systems

CSG exercises absolute in-house control over our projects by using trained and certified crews. This enables us to adhere to the most stringent engineering and installation standards.

CSG is the industry leader in the design and installation of fall arrest and fall restraint systems. Our products exceed the highest regulatory standards and are installed to provide dependable continuous fall protection for individuals working at heights.

CSG will work with you to help define the most suitable fall arrest or fall restraint solution for your facility. We utilize fabrication and construction techniques and materials that are industry leading.

Additionally, our specialized knowledge positions us to contribute ideas from the earliest design and planning stages. One of CSG’s experienced project engineers will oversee every aspect of the project to ensure that the system meets all the technical and safety criteria, and is delivered on schedule ready for installation by our experienced crews.

From the design and installation of basic fall protection systems, to in-depth fall hazard analysis, Contract Services Group is the best single source provider of both window washing access and fall protection solutions.

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Resources to Help Improve your Window Washing Systems

Window Washing System Specifications
Cal-OSHA Brochure
ANSI IWCA I 14.1-2001 Excerpt
Annual Certifications and Inspections for Window Washing Systems

    Window Washing System Installation

    We, at CSG, manufacture our own custom window washing system solutions. We understand that every building is different, and through our partnership with ATA engineering we fabricate solutions for each unique building. We provide custom suspended scaffolds, anchors and davits.

Window Washing System Partners

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