Janitorial Services

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CSG, founded in 1974, has been continuously providing janitorial services to facilities throughout Arizona, California, and Nevada. CSG partners with organizations that require the highest standard of cleaning services.  Every work site is a unique environment and requires a tailored program to meet client needs.

Cleaning Services Provided

Hiring the Best Team for your Facility’s Janitorial Services

CSG’s human resources department has detailed hiring procedures to staff your facility with a cleaning team that reflects the image of your organization. CSG will provide you with consistent, high quality and competitively priced services.  Our 97% annual account retention is proof that our programs work. CSG programs are excellent for commercial properties and large facilities with approximately 150,000 square feet of cleanable space.

How Do I Know CSG is the Best Choice for my Cleaning Needs?

CSG has created a Request for Proposal Decision Matrix to help companies evaluate different janitorial contractors. The Matrix is formatted so you can use weighted values to determine the most qualified organization to service your facility.

Janitorial Services Decision Matrix

If you would like the full Excel version of CSG’s Janitorial Decision Matrix, please contact CSG at:
714-582-1800 ext 152 or contact us here.

Think green, think clean!

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Continuous Service

Contract Services Group, Inc. (CSG) is a recognized leader in the building-services industry.

35+ years

Professional Organizations


CSG is always looking for bright, committed and service oriented individuals.

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