Glass Scratch Removal

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After glass is installed it can be scratched by building trades during the course of construction, through on going use, or vandalism.

Are you replacing scratched or vandalized glass? A substantial amount of money can be saved by restoration of glass instead of replacement.

When scratched glass is replaced the damaged glass is disposed of in landfills. Glass scratch restoration can be a major contributor of the Green Initiative of landfill Source Reduction.

Until recently the only option was to remove, throw away the scratched glass, and replace with new.

CSG is now offering the most advanced technologies available for glass scratch restoration.

CSG Glass Scratch Removal

Surface scratches are removed utilizing a series of specially compounded abrasive and polishing agents.

CSG Deep Restoration

This system can restore glass that has deep scratches. More aggressive procedures are used to remove deep scratches where there is chipping or flaking of the scratch. CSG Deep Restoration can even remove glass cutter scratches

CSG Glass Scratch Removal and CSG Deep Restoration

CSG uses cutting edge technology to remove glass scratches efficiently and on-site. Both systems work excellently on all types of glass including tempered, annealed, plate, laminated, insulated and even mirrored! These systems are not recommended for excessive scratching on defectively manufactured tempered glass.

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