Full-service Janitorial Providers

Full-service Janitorial Providers for Sustainable Programs

Full-service janitorial providers offer complete cleaning programs with one contract that  reduce costs as much as 25% less than in-house processes or the use of multiple vendors.

Rather than guess work or estimates, expect the professional maintenance services team to integrate your current processes with comprehensive work scheduling and straightforward billing. An experienced commercial janitorial provider will carefully listen and evaluate your cleaning requirements.

Commercial properties and large facilities with a minimum of 150,000 square feet of cleanable space are best served by a professional full-service janitorial company. Full-service facility maintenance providers offer janitorial services, housekeeping staff, specialty surface and exterior cleaning, as well as, window cleaning.

Your Custom Maintenance Plan

When reviewing proposed facility maintenance companies, have a list of your specific janitorial services expectations and needs to compare professional services.

Experienced commercial janitorial provider recognize that every work site is a unique environment and requires a tailored program to meet client needs. Determine your needs by reviewing the square footage of the building including segregation of carpet and tile.

To determine the exact labor hours needed for your maintenance plan, also note the following:

Your custom maintenance scope of work should include the exact labor hours your building needs, any specialty green cleaning needs, the right cleaning equipment including floor care and professional uniforms with pictured ID badges. A complete scope of work protects you from unanticipated costs.

Managed Janitorial Services

Facility maintenance companies can maintain managerial responsibilities for their crew members within your expectations.

Your managed janitorial services provider should offer routine meetings and site walks for quality assurance and continuous improvement to your maintenance plan.

Your Custom Maintenance Plan must accurately meet the needs of the facility and your business goals. Facility services management develops customized work loading by position for each task.

An effective work plan should address details as small as a dripping faucet, through unneeded power consumption, to deteriorating materials and recycling to reduce short-term costs and long-term sustainability.

Appropriate and Qualified Staffing

Be aware that costs increase with inadequate staffing and staffing with unqualified personnel.

Having appropriate, qualified, and highly-trained staff on site can contribute to cost savings by using less resources. Expect your managed janitorial services provider to maintain training programs, safety initiatives and employer verification programs that ensure qualified staff who will deliver professional practices at your facility.

Labor law experts advise that companies must assess labor and safety compliance in a new “climate” of enforcement. The sophisticated buyer of contracted custodial services will set up audit procedures to assure cleaning contractor compliance. A comprehensive employer verification program consists of social security number verification, checking employment references, criminal background check and drug screening.

Look for companies that can offer licensed engineers and licensed contractors whenever your needs involve working at heights. Even specialty kitchen cleaning can pose a safety risk if not performed within compliance of OSHA regulations.

Professional Cleaning and Safety Practices

Professional cleaning providers need risk management programs included in a maintenance plan to identify situations that may prove inefficient, costly or unsafe.  The job site safety reviews contribute substantially to cost savings at individual sites and throughout the company.

Any site review practice must consist of assessing insurance coverage and any issue that might affect coverage. In today litigious business environment it is important that service providers carry general liability coverage to cover losses if a major incident occurred.

It is prudent that facility owners require service contractors to carry adequate coverage. While this amount is based on many variables, managed facility services provider should have at least $5,000,000 in general liability insurance.

It is equally important that insurance company who writes the policies has financial strength. An A.M. Best Guide Rating of the carrier’s credit worthiness and financial strength should be a minimum rating of A-VII.

Hiring the Best Team for your Facility’s Janitorial Services

Whether daily janitorial services, day porter services or housekeeping staffing, quality janitorial services providers should be able to evaluate your needs and identify sustainable processes for most commercial properties and large facilities.

A proactive building services provider will deliver a comprehensive contract that gives you peace of mind with a maintenance plan that meets your needs.

How Do I Know CSG is the Best Choice for my Cleaning Needs?

CSG’s human resources department has detailed hiring procedures to staff your facility with a cleaning team that reflects the image of your organization. CSG will provide you with consistent, high quality and competitively priced services.  Our 97% annual account retention is proof that our programs work. CSG programs are excellent for commercial properties and large facilities with a minimum of 150,000 square feet of cleanable space.

CSG has earned the CIMS Green Building Certification with Honors. This additional distinction illustrates our commitment to delivering green and sustainable cleaning programs, which are vitally important to all companies today.

CSG has created a Request for Proposal Decision Matrix to help companies evaluate different janitorial contractors. The Matrix is formatted so you can use weighted values to determine the most qualified organization to service your facility.

Janitorial Services Decision Matrix

If you would like the full Excel version of CSG’s Janitorial Decision Matrix, please contact CSG at:
(800) 723-7326 ext. 152 or contact us here.


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