Dear CSG Associates,

CSG’s business practices are centered on what we call our Core Values.

One of the components of our Core Values is Integrity. At CSG, we treat people with fairness, honesty, patience, understanding and trust. We practice high ethical and professional standards. We expect the  same standard from our employees and associates.

Our Core Values are a guide in establishing our standards of conduct for governing the behavior of CSG employees and protecting the well-being and property of our customers, all fellow employees and Contract Services Group, Inc.

CSG Code of Conduct outlines accepted processes for all personnel policies and notes employee actions that violate the CSG Core Value of Integrity.

Unacceptable behavior not only affects Contract Services Group, Inc., it also affects you. Customers may terminate our contracts for inappropriate conduct. The company loses and so do all our employees.

To support all our interests, we have established an Ethics Hotline Toll Free number. This will allow any employees to call without identifying themselves to report any work related issues that are detrimental to all our best interests. All callers will remain anonymous. All calls will be thoroughly investigated.

Thank you.


John Pearce
CEO & Founder

Ethics Hotline 866 510 8598

Call Toll Free. All callers will remain anonymous. All calls will be thoroughly investigated.

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