• CSG Publishes Sustainable Cleaning Programs

    Brea, CA – Contract Services Group, Inc. (CSG) publishes Sustainable Cleaning Programs article to promote consumer education about cost saving initiatives from full-service janitorial services providers.

    Full-service janitorial providers offer complete cleaning programs with one contract and reduced costs as much as 25% less than in-house processes requiring multiple vendors.

    Contract Services Group has pioneered the art of working closely with our customers to identify areas where costs can be controlled and reduced. Our 97% annual account retention is proof that our programs work.

    CSG programs are excellent for commercial properties and large facilities with a minimum of   150,000 square feet of cleanable space.

    “CSG has shown its customers time and again that our established operating full-service practices achieve cost savings and continuous improvement to service and safety,” commented Casey Pearce, President of Contract Services Group, Inc.

    About CSG: Contract Services Group, Inc. is a CIMS-GB with honors certified contractor with 40 years experience providing commercial janitorial, window cleaning, managed temporary labor services and window washing systems. CSG provides facilities services and specialty cleaning services throughout California, Nevada and Arizona. CSG also designs and installs window washing systems nationwide. CSG Publishes Sustainable Cleaning Programs for Janitorial Consumers. http://csgcares.com

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